The Kittens have ARRIVED!

There are places in the heart you don’t even know exist until you love a kitten.

The Kittens have ARRIVED! image

Kitten Season needs YOU!

Welcome to the most amazing season ever-Kitten Season! As soon as it's a little warm out, Kittens start popping up all over town! While we always stress the importance of spaying and neutering, we all know that babies happen! So, when they start showing up on our doorstep, we embrace the cuties! Like most babies, they need a lot to keep them safe and healthy. From food to snuggle blankets to vaccines! Let's not forget the most important part of the cycle-the Spay and Neuter! In order to slow down the overpopulation of unloved cats in the world, we help prevent unwanted kittens by only adopting out cats that are spayed or neutered. Your contribution can help these little ones get ready for their furr-ever home by sponsoring kitty litter, wet kitten food, vaccines, or a trip to the Vet's for surgery. Please consider helping out the next litter that crosses our doorstep, the Season can be long, but with your help-maybe we can slow it down!